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Drop Kick the Toxic with Smartliners!

Hello and happy *almost* weekend! 

Let's talk about something a little scary ... DIOXINS, which can be found in disposable period pads, liners, and tampons. 

Dioxins are created in the bleaching process of these products as the bleach leaves residues of this toxic chemical. *Now you know why these products are super white!*

In terms of different levels of dioxin, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, NO safe level of dioxin exposure exists. And, the effects of dioxins are cumulative. Actually, these effects can be measured 20-30 years AFTER exposure. 

Now, let's take a look at the consequences of exposure to this toxic chemical: 

(Exposure to dioxins has been linked to) 


-Birth defects 

-Development delays 

-Hormone disruption 

-Immune cell suppression 

... to name a few. 

At Smartliners, a core value of ours is education. We believe it is extremely important that individuals are aware of the DANGERS of using disposable pads, liners and/or tampons. Education has allowed us to draw a closer relationship with our valued customers and this is definitely one of the most rewarding aspects. 



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