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Will I still have cramps if I wear Smartliners™?

The majority of our Smartliners™ family have claimed, after using our reusable organic menstrual pads, that they noticed a decrease in the severity of their cramps, and for some, their cramps have completely disappeared.


How often do we have to change Smartliners™ pads?

It varies, all depending on your flow. However often you change the disposables, we recommend you do the same for our product.


How long will Smartliners™ last?

Smartliners™ pads are manufactured for long lasting comfort and effective absorbency.  Although our products may last for years with proper washing and care, we suggest replacing your Smartliners™ products as often as you you would replace your underwear.  


Are Smartliners™ recommended during pregnancy, and postpartum use?

Definitely! Smartliners™ are free of any toxic chemicals, and absolutely the best option during and after pregnancy. They are also a great option for women who suffer from vaginal atrophy.


Can I use Smartliners™ for incontinence or light bladder leaks?

Absolutely, our pads are great for various light leaks, due to dribble after strenuous exercise, sneezing, or even laughter!


How does Smartliners™ control menstrual odour?

Fun fact, menstrual blood does not actually have an odour, let alone a foul one. The abhorrent smell in disposable pads is when the blood touches the chemicals inside the disposable pad and creates a chemical reaction. This is why disposable pads are full of fragrances, it’s by design to try and mask the offensive odour. Smartliners™ is nothing more than 100% organic cotton, there are no additives, so there’s only the natural mild smell of menstrual blood. It is however important to change your Smartliners™ product once saturated to avoid natural bacteria odour build-up.

That being said, if you notice a fishy odour or sense that something is off, please talk to your doctor. A bad smell down there could be indicative of an infection.