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The Switch Up

Hey everyone!

I’m back for my second blog. I hope you are as excited as I am! 

I decided it would be a good idea to talk about why I switched to Smartliners. Ditching the disposables was a liberating experience. It was like I was brainwashed to use them. It wasn’t until I actually started thinking about what the heck I was putting near my … vagina, that really wanted me to make the change. These harmful chemicals with long scary names quickly took over my screen as I researched this online. Then the words “can lead to” came up. It was like my jaw almost dropped as I read the words “cancer”, “birth defects “, “hormonal disruption” — to name a few. 

Not only were these health reasons a factor as to why I decided to switch but the environmental ones as well. Did you know it could take up to 500 years for ONE tampon or pad to decompose?! That to me was SO scary and crazy. 

Harmful chemicals and plastic?! Uhmm, no thanks! 

I felt like I was taking back my vaginal and overall health when I switched to Smartliners. I felt as if periods were a more natural phenomenon rather than some marketing scheme that we were led to believe from the commercials we saw on television. 

I am SO happy with Smartliners and I know you all will be too. 

Speak soon,


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